Japan Colors

Colors from Nature

The colors used in kamedajima fabric have their roots in nature. Since ancient times, the Japanese have incorporated the natural seasonal colors of flowers, grasses, butterflies, and birds into art and clothing design.

These colors are the natural product of our universe. Captivated by the profound depth of neutral tones, we humbly continue to study the colors of the natural world.

Color Combinations

When combined, colors can create new heights of expression and emotion. The aesthetics that guide Japanese color combinations have been slowly cultivated since ancient times.

The individual colors do not stand out on their own but accentuate each other to create a finely balanced impression. The delicate harmonies created by kamedajima’s masterful color combinations showcase the sophisticated sensibilities of Japan’s color culture.

Timeless Stripes

Stripes using colors from the natural world are not limited to the changing trends of the times. They can flexibly blend into any fashion scene in any country.

Traditional striped patterns and colors taken from the natural world are both timeless and universal. We hope that kamedajima fabric will act as a door to the profound world of traditional Japanese colors.